Kanye West peforms "Runaway" at 2010 VMA's

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kayne West, the great singer was there to perform in the show.

Kanye gave the inagural performance. He did it with his new hot sensation “Runaway”. It was lovely to see the singer dressed in dapper red suit that was designed by Studio 54. The sensatious rapper stole the show and closed it without any happening. The lyrics of this song had a feeling of an apology that Mr. West owed to his listeners for that he did in the past. Twitter, that now celebrities take very seriously, Kanye took over his page "@kanyewest" to show his compassion for being a "jerk".

The lines he sang, accompanied by interpretive dancers, that pointed to this, “You’ve been putting up with my sh** for way too long…,Let’s have a toast for the douchebags/Let’s have a toast for the a**holes…”

Along with his performance a small video clip was broadcasted during the preshow of VWA. This clip was a promotion of new hot sensation "Runaway". The promo clip had a background sound of chilling piano in its introduction. The sound was completed with a deer and a ballerina in the video. The best part of this video was of a man carrying a woman away from an explosion. And who else could it be, other than Kanye West that too in slow motion to enhance the feelings of viewers.

It is expected that by this Friday a download for the song would be available soon. And this is for the new "Good Friday" rule of Mr. West.

In the show, earlier, Taylor Swift also performed her song "Innocent" asking for her forgiveness for their infamous run-in at the VMA of year 2009.

MTV's News.com spoke, "Immediately after 'Ye finished his performance at the Nokia Theatre, the crowd began chanting their approval: "Kanye, Kanye, Kanye!"

So readers, What are your views about the performance of Kanye West? Did he make a point for his forgiveness? Does your stomach tickle for his upcoming album?


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