Dancing with the Stars’ 2010: Jennifer Grey Remembers Patrick Swayze

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

As mentioned today earlier in a webcast on a website, the trendy reality TV show “Dancing with the Stars” made a come back past night with the super stars of its 11th season. However, rehearsals for the first show proved way too emotional for Jennifer Grey the “Dirty Dancing” star. Jennifer parrtnered up with Derek Hough for this dance performance.

As per a recent report at the dailymail.co.uk, Jennifer Grey, who is 50 years old – starred in 1987, in a hit movie, with the late Patrick Swayze – came on the dancefloor and performed a Viennese waltz dance to Otis Redding’s song “These Arms of Mine,” during the first episode on the last night.

However, when Jennifer listened to the song during the rehersal – which appeared on the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack – she went was too emotional. The footage that was recorded before the 1st show, the actress broke down in tears as she remembered her co-star Patrick. Patrick died in 2009 of cancer.

Jeniffer explained her dance partner, Derek, that this song reminded her of the old dance partner, Patrick. “It took me back in a time capsule, and I was with Patrick,” she exoressed about the song. But when it was the live show however, she was very professional and did not let these emotions affect her performance. Her score 24 out of 30 was very very impressive.


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