Gunbroker and Ebay Website Used To Sell Stolen Goods

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Many of Rogers County houses were breached into during the past week in Oklahoma city. Rogers County Sheriffs Investigators pronounced that Jason Conrad Lewis was accountable for the burglaries.

He was apprehended during the past week on Tuesday & data from the apprehend has led agencies to a house inhabited by Patrick & Karri Medlin. A search warrant was put out and the police force determined a lot of the stolen goods.

In that house, which they searched, they discovered stolen cash with a lot of motorbike parts, saddlebacks, a welding machine, and loads of stolen arms.

Rogers County Sheriff, Scott Walton, explained that the discovering of the stolen goods were a direct consequence from the apprehension of Lewis.

As per Walton, Lewis had stolen all this stuff & it was sold on internet sites such as Gunbroker and Ebay by the Medlin’s.


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