Light Snow and a Wintry Mix for Thursday

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Light snow will spread across parts of North Carolina by daybreak Thursday morning. The precipitation will be light, but with a very cold ground, any frozen precipitation that falls will stick to the ground and pavement surfaces. Here are some thoughts about the forecast for Thursday morning broken down by region...
-Light snow begins around daybreak and the morning rush hour.
-A dusting to 1" of accumulation possible with slightly higher accumulation possible north of Raleigh near the Virginia border.
-The light snow will mix with and change to sleet and freezing rain through the morning. That will create a light glazing on top of any accumulated snow.
-The wintry mix should change to just a chilly light rain around midday or early afternoon.
-Slick spots possible on area roadways from the morning commute through the lunch hour.

-Light snow begins around daybreak, give or take a couple hours.
-A dusting of snow possible.
-The light snow will mix with and change to light sleet and freezing rain in the morning creating a glazing on top of the dusting of snow.
-Any wintry precipitation should change to just a chilly light rain by late morning.
-Slick spots possible on area roadways through the morning commute.

Coastal areas
-Light precipitation will arrive at the coast around daybreak to a couple hours after sunrise.
-Some locations just inland from the coast may see a brief period of snow mixed with rain before a quick change over to chilly light rain.
-A chilly light rain or drizzle will fall for most of the day after that brief period of a mix in some inland areas.

As with any winter weather event in North Carolina, forecasting the exact location and the exact amount of snow, sleet, and freezing rain is very tricky. Be sure to check in with News 14 Carolina Thursday morning for the latest weather and traffic conditions.

We also continue to monitor the forecast for the weekend. Another area of low pressure will develop near the Gulf coast late Friday and track toward the Carolinas. That will spread rain across the state for the daytime hours Saturday. There is still a lot of uncertainty for Saturday night. Computer forecast models are still not consistent with various scenarios that could play out. There is the possibility that Saturday's rain will change to snow in parts of North Carolina. It is much too early to make any calls on what locations will see that snow and how much will be possible. We should have a better idea on this system by Friday.


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