Heidi Jones' Colleagues Not Thrilled About Alleged Assault Lie

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Heidi Jones, a meteorologist for WABC/Channel 7, told police and colleagues that a man attempted to rape her in Central Park. Her coworkers at the channel believed her -- but the police didn't.

Now that it has been revealed Jones, a beautiful forecaster and accomplished marathon runner, completely fabricated the attempted assault, those who worked with her are dismayed, the New York Post reports.

"All this trust we had is shattered. We're like a family. We feel betrayed," the source said, adding that it had become "common knowledge" around the newsroom that Jones claimed to have been attacked in late September.
"To the point that security guards would offer to escort her home," the source said.
Jones had alleged that a Hispanic man grabbed her while jogging in Central Park, pulled her into nearby bushes and attempted to rape her. After a police investigation found inconsistencies in her story, Jones admitted that she had lied to police about the incident, claiming that personal problems were a catalyst for the invented story. Now the city is mulling whether or not to charge Jones for filing a false report, which would be tantamount to a misdemeanor.

Jones' lawyer released this statement to the press: "Miss Jones has had a distinguished career as a broadcast journalist and urges all concerned to refrain from jumping to conclusions about the unproven charges against her being discussed in the press."

Officials from the station say that Jones has been suspended pending an investigation.


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