Mega Millions Winner & Winning Numbers Crash Mega Millions Website

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mega Millions Winner & Winning Numbers Crash Mega Millions Website

Mega Millions Lottery Winner
Who is the Mega Million Winner? Did anyone win the mega millions jackpot? If you played the following numbers 4,8,15,25,47, Mega Ball: 42 during last night Mega Millions’ unforgettable lottery and you happen to live in Idaho – well you have just won 330 million dollars (with over 25% going to the IRS).

A very lucky individual who resides in Idaho might have played a single dollar in order to walk away with a jackpot worth 330 million dollars.

The lottery which is played in 41 states has not been won for the last 15th times it was drawn – which explains why on November 12, 2010, it was $ 12 million and on January 4th it skyrocketed to a grand prize of 330 million dollars.

The executive director of the Texas Lottery, Gary Grief, said in a statement that is “This is exciting for us and especially exciting for our players, who now have an opportunity to win an estimated $330 million for just a $1 play.”

But do not expect to access the Mega Millions’ official website anytime soon.
The site’s server crashed after it received a high volume of visitors who were all searching for these magical numbers that would make their dreams come true.

A message on the Mega Millions Website reads:
Due to unprecedented traffic, our regular web site has been temporarily minimized to provide access to the greatest number of players possible.

A little fun fact:

This week’s jackpot is only the second biggest jackpot in the lottery’s history- back in March of 2007, the lottery was at an all time high – there were 390 million up for grab and two winners, one in New Jersey and one in Georgia claimed the big cash prize.


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