Latin Grammys 2010: 10 Things You Didn't See on TV

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here's some of the best off-camera moments from the red carpet and backstage at the 2010 Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas.

1. ChocQuibTown, winners for best alternative song, were generous with their talent, singing a capella for press backstage. Lead singer Goyo, beautiful in her blue turban, provided the melody while bandmates Miguel "Slow" Martinez and Carlos "Tostao" Valencia provided the groove and beat. Asked about her cool outfit, Goyo explained, "The dress was designed for me by Colombian designer Olga Piedrahita. I wanted to be me, and wear something that made my bronze, Pacific color stand out." It did and she rocked!

2. A Scarf Craze: Ricky Martin wore one around his neck over the slick gray suit he wore for person of the year. Tonight, Marc Anthony wore one wrapped around his neck during his performance. Maybe they were cold. We think it'll start a fashion trend.

3. Juan Luis Guerra wants to record with Alejandro Sanz. Period. Oh, and he does want to record a bachata with Paul McCartney. "If you see him, let him know," he said.

4. Dance girl Charo showed off generous portions of legs and buttocks on camera. But backstage, when asked about her breasts, she was more coy: "I don't believe in breast jobs. They're dangerous, don't get one!" she said. Her secret? She works out with two bras for support.

5. How will Chino y Nacho celebrate their Latin Grammy win for best urban album? "Pour the shots right here," said Nacho, pointing to his new gramophone.

6. Alejandro Sanz, winner of best male pop album, when asked if Bolivian president Evo Morales had influenced Hugo Chávez's decision to finally allow Sanz -- a critic of the Venezuelan president -- to perform in that country: "If they're talking about stuff like that, they're wasting their time. I hope they have other problems to talk about."

7. Trumpeter Christ Botti on why he recorded with Juan Luis Guerra, whom he had never met: "The best collaborations are artist to artist. He's a muso, a musician's musician."

8. Ben E. King says the biggest difference between his original version of the song and Prince Royce's is, "you can dance faster to it. It's been picked up by so many great artists, but what's happened now is, Prince Royce is so young, he's taken it to a whole new generation." Where did he first here this new version? "My granddaughter played it for me."

9. Mario Domm from Camila, after winning three Latin Grammys: "We wanted people to know that our first Latin Grammy wasn't an accident. We wanted them to know we're three people who give a lot of harmony to the universe; harmony that contrasts with the chaos of the world.

10. Banda El Recodo on how they avoid violence in Mexico: "We sing songs with other kinds of messages. The only threats we get are from our wives and kids, who want to see us and get upset when we're away on tour."


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